Diamond Studded Platinum Jewellery

Precious platinum is the perfect choice for the woman of today – it is beautiful, versatile and elegant, yet has it hidden strength and resilience. Choosing precious platinum is the perfect way to express your own individuality, strength and style.

princess-ring-smallPlatinum is pure, naturally white and is kind to the skin.

  • Platinum is a naturally white metal so it will not cast any of its own colour into a diamond.
  • Usually 95% pure (by comparison 18 carat gold is 75% pure), platinum never fades or tarnishes but keeps its natural white colour for a lifetime.
  • As platinum is so pure, it is naturally hypo-allergenic and ideal for those with sensitive skin.


Platinum is eternal, with everlasting radiance and durability. Platinum’s unequalled durability and resistance to wear makes it the most secure and protective metal, which means your jewellery will be protected for a lifetime of wear.

  • The density of platinum makes it more durable than other jewellery metals.


Platinum is rare, a treasure coveted by influential individuals for centuries.

  • Found in very few places around the world, platinum is 30 times more rare than gold.
  • Platinum jewellery is exclusive, a statement of individuality, and desired by those in the know