Loose Diamonds

The 4 'C's - International Grading Standards for Diamonds

Carat Weight – One carat is one fifth of a gram and the carat is divided into 100 points. A one carat brilliant cut diamond measures 6.5mm. A half-carat diamond is 50 points. In olden times, the carat was the weight of the seed of the carob tree, which was standardized at 0.2 grams with the introduction of the metric system of weights and measures.

Color – is determined by international standards established for grading diamonds known as the International Scale of Colors. Diamond colors vary from exceptional white to rare white, white, tinted white and tinted color.

Clarity – Diamond is pure crystallized carbon and most diamonds contain natural inclusions formed during the crystallization process many millions of years ago. The GIA System of clarity for diamonds ranges from F1 – flawless to VS - very slightly included to I – included. Subtle variations of clarity can only be determined by an experienced professional after meticulous examination using a 10 power magnified loupe under natural light.

Cut – A perfect cut enables the diamond to make the best use of natural light and have the greatest possible brilliance. The round brilliant cut is the most popular cut and oval cut, marquise cut and pear, heart, emerald and baguette cuts are different variations